Cimera presents the Jordan-Scotty incubators, as a tool destined for assisting with salmonid development. A real and effective solution for increasing programmes for improving the populations of these fish species, which have been affected in rivers over the years.(See incubators)

Ultrasonic technology

A major problem of water systems, both natural and artificial, is the named as «algae bloom.» These mats formed by microscopic algae are common in lentic waters, and often cause extensive damage to the operation of these systems. To solve this problem, Cimera presents an innovative ultrasonic technology, which kills these algae and also improves the water quality parameters.See ultrasonic technology


All lentic aquatic ecosystems are susceptible to suffering processes of eutrophication. Therefore, Cimera presents Phoslock®, as an innovative technical solution in the improvement of ecological quality organoleptic properties of wáter masses affected by massive growth in phyloplankton biomass.See Phoslock