Title: Assessment of the common trout population (Salmo trutta) in a track of the Bornova river in Hiendelaencina (Guadalajara), within the project “Forest, flow and trouts: Bornova Volunteers”.

Amount: U$ 4,155.55.

Year: 2009-2010.

Area of Specialization: INCUBATORS

Purpose of work: Assessment of the salmonid egg incubators, recuperation of Salmo trutta juveniles (common Trout) in a track of the Bornova River in Hiendelaencina (Guadalajara). Implementation of main activities directed towards the recuperation of the flow and the capacity of trout reproduction by researching the population density both before and after the placement of incubators in the selected track, and in another track situated upstream, which will serve as a control track, with the electric fishing technique.