Control Networks

Title: Technical assistance in the research Project “Design, implementation and operation of a specific cultivation system for cianobacteria growth with a view to supplying live material for use”.

Amount: U$ 34,166.82.

Year: 2009-2010.

Area of Specialization: Monitoring Network for Bioprospections.

Purpose of work: Conducting diagnostic programmes for the evaluation of potential in the extremophile microorganism communities in the production of cytotoxic biomolecules, with unusual and interesting properties for pharmaceutical applications. The activities implemented during the execution of this project consist of the generation and cultivation of cyanophite algae in extreme lagoons and the wetlands of the Andes, taxonomic determination of the cyanobacterias present in the sampling points, obtaining cyanobacteria cultures with the greatest purity possible and determination of the optimal cultivation and assessment conditions for potential biotechnological interest.