Control Networks

Title: Service for technical assistance in work associated with the Programme for Controlling Invasive Alien Species. File: NET838620.

Amount: U$ 78,764.00.

Year: 2012.

Area of Specialization: Invasive Alien Species Monitoring Networks.

Purpose of work: Establishment of some general criteria to assess the risk of alien species invasion in the Andalusia wetlands by evaluating situations of the risk of invasion by emerging populations, supplying technical and graphic contents to documents for associated distribution, connectivity analysis, mathematical cartographic or demographic calculations of invasive alien species (IAS), drafting proposals and management and prevention protocols to face IAS. Collecting and updating, handling, construction and development of databases, tasks related to mathematical calculations, ecological modeling and foreseeing invasion scenarios, early detection, preparation of materials or technical means for dissemination and publication of the Programme in technical, scientific, seminars or others similar.