Macrophyte plants

Macrophytes plants as bio indicators

From the point of view of their use as bio indicators, they are considered bench marks for water quality, and provide a benchmark in the medium or long term. They are sensitive to physico-chemical variations and hydro morphological changes in the water masses, such as for example, temperature changes, eutrophication or river continuity. Therefore, alterations in these variables may result in changes in quality and quantity of aquatic communities and the food chain structure of the ecosystems, among others.

Treatment of macrophyte samples

The majority of macrophytes are identified in situ by Cimera’s expert personnel. Taxa which are difficult or impossible to identify at a glance, is fixed in formaldehyde, packaged and identified in our laboratories. This is the case with micro algae, or cyanobacterias, the identification of which is performed through the use of an optical microscope and, in the event of it being necessary, turning to the application of staining techniques. Cimera also has highly qualified personnel for the processing and identification of this group of indicators of water quality.

Analysis of results

For the analysis of data obtained, Cimera has a self-developed computer software application called INDAT, which enables quick and efficient management of the results. Thanks to this, remote incorporation and consultation of identification results, indexes or metres installed is possible in real time.