Aquatic macro invertebrates as bio indicators

The heterogeneity of the macro invertebrate group corresponds to a high variability of morphological adaptations, nutritional requirements and degrees of tolerance to pollution. This variability is the main reason why the macro invertebrate group is one of the most reliable biomarkers of pollution when assessing the quality of waters.

Treatment of macro invertebrate samples

Cimera counts among its technicians, experts in conducting all phases in the study of macro invertebrate communities in any aquatic ecosystem. These phases include field sampling, taxonomic identification in the laboratory and the analysis of results obtained, always in accordance with the protocols and regulations in force.

Analysis of results

Cimera has its own, self-developed computer software application called INDAT, which enables quick and efficient management of results in determinations in this group. Thanks to INDAT, remote incorporation and consultation is possible in real time of all taxonomic identifiers included in a data base, as well as the calculation of the different indexes defined until now. INDAT is a very dynamic tool and is continuously updated; its operations being incorporated into the various indexes of new development.