Laboratory Aquatic Oganisms


Diatoms are excellent witnesses to the ecological state of river ecosystems, and are the group of biological indicators which colonises all types of substances submerged in aquatic systems (rocks, gravel, sands, silt, macrophytes, animals, etc.) therefore, the study of one or another community provides different information.Diatoms as bio indicators


The heterogeneity of the macro-invertebrate group corresponds to an elevated variability of morphological adaptations, nutritional requirements and grades of tolerance to contamination, this being the main reason why the group of macro-invertebrates constitute one of the most reliable biological indicators when it comes to evaluating the quality of waters.Macro-invertebrates as bio indicators


The ecological role of phytoplankton is fundamental in the functioning of lakes and wetlands and research of them allows a great amount of precise and detailed information to be obtained on the quality and the tropic state of the water, this group is considered to be a good biological indicator.Phytoplankton as bio indicators


Macrophytes describe a functional group of plants, and from a systematic and evolutionary point of view, very heterogeneous, and from a bio indicator point of view they are considered to be a very good reference for water quality, providing a value indicator in the medium and long term.Macrophyes as bio indicators


Fish are considered to be one of the biological indicators that provides an inclusive and wider point of view on a temporary scale, on water quality, enabling the conditions of the water to be understood, even at times prior to sampling.Ichthyofauna as bio indicator


Zoo plankton is the animal component of plankton and is usually considered the most important group in terms of density, biomass, production, consummation and regeneration of nutrients. And in order to understand the functioning of this community in detail, its research is addressed through composition, diversity and abundance.Zooplankton as bio indicator

Invasive alien species

Thanks to the great knowledge on Invasive alien species par excellent, and its taxonomic determination, both in situ and in the laboratory, Over the last few years Cima has been executing research and projects related to the investigation, control and eradication of Invasive alien species.Click to continue