Cimera in the world

Cimera’s international development is currently part of its business strategy and one of its principle aims. To do this, the company has an international department with extensive experience in foreign markets as well as in the active search of international opportunities, which assembles the operation of activities abroad in which all areas of the company are involved.
International activity is aimed towards the provision of direct services to the different public administrations and private entities in the different countries of activity; developing planning projects for water management, control networks for water quality and design solutions for environmental recuperation of aquatic ecosystems. Thanks to the experience obtained over the last few years in the environmental and water management sector due to the unprecedented growth in this area, we can provide an added value product with a direct application. In order to do this, Cimera performs a labour of analysis on the current investment plans in the areas of water and environment in the different countries, focusing its activities in South American cone countries, by tracking the needs of potential public and private clients with a demand for consultation services in these areas.