Ichthyofauna as an aquatic biondicador

Their great longevity that in some cases reaches 30 years and their great mobility turns them into first class aquatic pollution bio indicators because they provide information that no other indicator offers.

Therefore, fish are considered useful for the detection and monitoring of the hydro morphological pressures occurring.

  • Alteration of habitat with changes in: river depth and width; water velocity; granulometric composition; bed morphology and riparian vegetation.
  • Continuity of the river.

Icthyofauna is also sensitive to physicochemical pressures occurring:

  • Water pollution.
  • Eutrophy and occurrence of algal toxicity.
  • Water deoxigination.

Treatment of ichthyofauna samples

By means of the electric fishing technique, Cimera conducts characterizations of fish fauna in lakes, lagoons, rivers and reservoirs. Both the sampling of fish and their subsequent analysis and identification in the field and laboratory are performed following the legislative protocols and standards in force.

In Cimera there are highly qualified personnel for performing the taking, processing and analysis of ichthyofauna samples.

Analysis of results

Cimera has its own, self-developed computer software application called INDAT, which enables quick and efficient management of results. Thanks to this, remote incorporation and consultation of identification results, indexes or metres installed is possible in real time.