Title: Technical Assistance for the collection of data and bathymetric profiles in the cross-border section of the Tagus river basin within the contract “Service for the research and drafting stage of the project for the whole communication system of hydrographic information in the transboundary section of the Tagus basin – Sicoinfronjo».

Amount: U.S. $ 10,617.19.

Year: 2013.

Area of Specialization: Hydrographic Services. Bathymetry.

Purpose of work: Surveying a total of 97 cross sections in the main axis of the Tagus River and tributaries, from the locality of Alcantara (Caceres, Spain) to the locality of Constance in Portugal, with an approximate length of 160 km. 57 profiles were made along the main axis of the Tagus, while the remaining 40 were conducted along its tributaries Erjas, Salor, Séver, Ribeira, Ocreza and Zezere. In addition, surveys and characterization of six dams located in the research area were conducted.