Control Networks

Biological indicators

Thanks to Cimera, being composed of a group of people with solid technical and scientific training in biological indicators, we can provide a wealth of experience in design, management and operation of biological water quality control networks.
The experience accumulated in this sector, as well as the constant adaptation and updating of laboratory sampling and analysis in each biological indicator, and always knowing on the country or region we are working in, places Cimera at the head, as a leading company in offering this services.Read more


In Cimera we have specific material and equipment for the rapid and correct, for the work of taking samples and physicochemical determinations in rivers, lakes, lagoons and reservoirs. Thanks to the collaboration with the best laboratories for physicochemical determinations, Cimera offers an integrated and complete service, always offering the best quality in resultsRead more

Invasive alien species

The quick spread of Invasive Alien Species (IAS), and the serious environmental, economic and social impact they cause where they are found, makes exhaustive control of them necessary. Thanks to great knowledge on IAS par excellence, the constant updating of work procedures and accumulated experience, Cimera always ensures first class work in this sector.Read more


The scientific and innovative character of Cimera, as well as its constant capacity for updating, together with the experience accumulated in control networks throughout its trajectory, makes it possible to offer a comprehensive service for design, network operation and control for bioprospecting in different aquatic environments.Read more