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Innovating in environmental assessment and management of aquatic resources

Cimera is a European environmental assessment and management company operating at an international level in the area of inland water quality, and in this commercial environment it provides a service and supplies solutions to public and private actors related to the management of water masses, always from the best available scientific knowledge.
Cimera is a team of people formed by the most talented professionals in the environmental sector and together we are dealing with a process of growth and improvement which makes us a reference among companies in the sector.

  • Communication
    Phoslock Europe Newsletter

    (30/04/2014). Cimera as sole distributor company of Phoslock in Spain, offers you the possibility to download the following newsletter: “Phoslock – the best in situ solution for the remediation of eutrophied lakes and reduction of blue green algae”, in which you will find very interesting information click to continue

    New Site

    (01/02/2014). With the launching of the new website, Cimera Applied Research would like to invite visitors to meet the Linkedin profile of the company, where you can learn more about one of the most representative companies in the water sector click to continue

    Foundation Directives

    (26/07/2013). Our Managing Director José Miguel Rodríguez Cristóbal, in representation of Cimera, talks about taking part in one of the Directive Foundation’s support programmes.
    watch the video


    (03/02/2012). Cimera has decided to join its experience and resources in the Spanish market with the Australian firm Phoslock Water Solutions Ltd., for the restoration of eutrophic lakes and reservoirs. Learn more about the news in i-agua… read more

  • Latest news
    CIMERA meets with the IDB representative in Guatemala

    (03/02/2014).On the occasion of his trade visit to Central America, the director of Cimera Applied Research meets with the Inter-American Development Bank in Guatemala.Read more

    CIMERA collaborates with the Foundation Directives

    (11/07/2013).CIMERA speaks about the Foundation Directives in an interview carried out in the Madrid Scientific Park facilities (Tres Cantos). This foundation, which specialises in aiding business projects, has been collaborating with the Madrid Scientific Park for some years, encouraging and advising companies in the generation of new project initiatives.Read more

    Cimera signs and agreement sith Phoslock Water Solutions Ltd. For the exclusive distribution in Spain of a system to control eutrophication.

    (10/01/2012).The system is based on the direct application of Phoslock in the water, a particulate product with high affinity for phosphorous, which averts the supply of these generally restricting molecules in the process of eutrophication in lakes and reservoirs.Read more


Cimera in the world

Cimera’s international development is currently part of its business strategy and one of its principle aims. To do this, the company has an international department with extensive experience in foreign markets as well as in the active search of international opportunities, which assembles the operation of activities abroad in which all areas of the company are involved.
International activity is aimed towards the provision of direct services to the different public administrations and private entities in the different countries of activity; developing planning projects for water management, control networks for water quality and design solutions for environmental recuperation of aquatic ecosystems. Thanks to the experience obtained over the last few years in the environmental and water management sector due to the unprecedented growth in this area, we can provide an added value product with a direct application.
In order to do this, Cimera performs a labour of analysis on the current investment plans in the areas of water and environment in the different countries, focusing its activities in South American cone countries, by tracking the needs of potential public and private clients with a demand for consultation services in these areas.

Team Work