Cimera signs and agreement sith Phoslock Water Solutions Ltd. For the exclusive distribution in Spain of a system to control eutrophication.

Source: Own development 10/01/2012)

The system is based on the direct application of Phoslock in the water, a particulate product with high affinity for phosphorous, which averts the supply of these generally restricting molecules in the process of eutrophication in lakes and reservoirs.

The new direction adopted by different European water policies over the last few years has led to a revision of the “water quality” concept with the aim of recuperating the ecologic integrity of aquatic systems. It is for this reason that from the Scientific Park of Madrid (SPM), Cimera Estudios Aplicados S.L, (Applied Research) has decided to unite its experience and resources in the Spanish market with the Australian firm Pollock Water Solutions Ltd., for the restoration of eutrophic lakes and reservoirs.

It could be said the eutrophication is an inherent process of these stagnant ecosystems, which act as natural sinks of excess nutrients from the surrounding basin. In this line Phoslock creates an in situ solution, thanks to which, significantly reduces the concentration of phosphorous in the water column and in sediment interstitial water, so it acts as a limiting factor to cyanobacteria growth..

Multiple applications successfully performed in Europe, North America and Australia support the effectiveness demonstrated by this product in the reduction of the supply of phosphorous in water masses. Specifically, it is a natural product, bentonite, over which a structural, internal chemical modification is made by exchanging sodium ions for lanthanum ions. This agent presents high affinity for phosphate molecules, that when present, causes a stable chemical bond preventing the availability of phosphorous for use as a nutrient. Also, this product is much surer than the application of others used traditionally, such as aluminium sulphate, which in conditions of low pH can liberate this metal again into the water and is therefore not recommended for use in reservoir type systems

The demand for solutions for the improvement of ecological status is expected to increase considerably over the next few years, due to an increase of programmes stemming from the implementation of the Water Framework Directive. Like the rest of the member countries, Spain has a commitment to achieve a good ecological status in all of its water masses for 2015; therefore it will be necessary to have restoration tools available for the ecological improvement of the state of those water masses which do not comply with these requirements.

In this context, the application of Phoslock® is profiled as a firm candidate for chemical improvement in water masses with an ecological status inferior to the Water Framework Directive, due to eutrophication in aquatic ecosystems. Thanks to this agreement, Cimera is postulated as one of the European companies with the most firm commitment to the improvement of the status of aquatic ecosystems and is placed once more at the forefront of the best technology available for the assessment and control on the state of water masses.