CIMERA collaborates with the Foundation Directives

(Source: Own preparation 11/07/2013)

CIMERA speaks about the Foundation Directives in an interview carried out in the Madrid Scientific Park facilities (Tres Cantos). This foundation, which specialises in aiding business projects, has been collaborating with the Madrid Scientific Park for some years, encouraging and advising companies in the generation of new project initiatives.

Cimera was one of the Scientific Park companies benefitting from one of the Directives Foundation support programmes during 2011. Thanks to this support, a series of mechanisms were put into place for change and reinforcing the company’s personality, which at the present time enables a more solid position, with projection into a tremendously dynamic market like the one we find ourselves in today.

In the following video, the Managing Director of Cimera, speaks about the Directives Foundation, commenting on his experience in the mentoring Project and the way in which its help has been decisive in understanding the company’s trajectory over the last few years.

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